Where is the Tiny Planets feature in Lollipop 5.0 and 5.01?

Tiny Planets is a fascinating app that allows you to take a Photo Sphere images  and turn  them into a Tiny Planets. You take a Photo Sphere like this: Then turn it into a Tiny Planets like this: I assure you this option is still available in Lollipop, even if you are convinced its not. [...]

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Google Analytics Busiest Day / Hour | How To Calculate

Finding the busiest day or busiest hour in Google Analytics is a 60 second job. This used to be a pre-made report, but Google Analytics now has you make this report yourself. Lets us get started... For those that do not want to learn how to make these reports I have included two links. Simply [...]

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How to add Google Analytics for WordPress

Adding Google Analytics to Wordpress can be done by using a plugin or by modifying the code of your template. Adding Google Analytics By Modifying Wordpress Template Code If you are concerned about the speed of your Wordpress site then this is the best method. 1) Login to you wordpress panel. (example.com/wp-admin) 2) Click the [...]

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Conversion Rate Optimization | Test For Success

Internet Marketing can be broken down into three core functions: Traffic – getting eye balls on your website Conversions – getting visitors to take a desired action Branding – creating a positive relationship with your customers and in turn increasing each customer’s lifetime value Online business owners will rightly spend sizeable resources on traffic acquisition [...]

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Google Two Factor Authentication | You Need it

Why you need to use two factor authentication? Google has had two factor authentication since September 2010 and yet I see few people using it. I feel compelled to share or remind people of this super happy awesome feature. Normally when you logon into Google Services or Gmail you are prompted with a password to [...]

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.Tel Domains | Recipe For Success

{Insert} over used token graph going up and right. Lately a few people have asked me about Top Level Domains and in particular .tel domains. There is a perception by some people, that the .tel TLD is going to shake up the search engine landscape. What is a .tel domain? The purpose of [...]

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Google Authorship Markup | Rich Snippet

Google has given authors the chance to markup their content. The idea is to display the author information in the search results, this in turn helps people discover worthy content. This will also help content creators get credit for creating the content in the first place. It can also help people find all the content [...]

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Tracking Campaigns For Success With Link Tagging

Google Analytics UTM Link Tracking This is not your usual post about how great Google Analytics is and all the wonderful things you can do with it. Rather this post is about a dead simple method for tracking traffic that most people are not aware of. The is a must read if  UTM is a [...]

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5 Reasons Not To Create Crappy Content

Excellent content will always be king. You surely have been hearing this statement since the caveman days of the internet (the 90's).  I seldom rant online, but a fellow marketer / friend was giving me a hard time about not producing enough content. He proceeded to tell me that he blasts out 250-word blog posts daily. [...]

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Google Insights – Keyword Research

This video teaches how to use Google Insights for Keyword Research. Google Insights is very useful for discovering: Regional Demand Global Demand Rising Trends This is certainly not a complete tool for keywords research. But it is amazing to learn seasonal demands and to have the ability to zoom into Country, State/Province and even down [...]

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How to Export Facebook Contacts – Google+

There is a simple solution for exporting your Facebook contacts so that you can import them to Google +. This will not just get a list of friends but will give the email address of your Facebook friends. Facebook is trying to stop such activities which really annoys me. I guess Facebook thinks their not [...]

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Keyword Research Trends

This page has Google Trends tables embedded in the page. This is a page that I use to find new topics that people might be searching. You can do the same for your topic and this a great way to keep and eye for new and rising trends. The is quite useful for those that [...]

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Keyword Research – Demand and Competion

When one is going through the Keyword Research process one must consider the Demand VS Competition. Often we call this process "Market Validation". Too much demand and one can be stuck in a saturated market which is hard to make conversion in. Too little demand and of course we know what that means. This video [...]

Google Adwords Keyword Tool 2011

How to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to perform keyword research. Google Adwords Keyword Tool 2011 | Part (1 of 2) Google Adwords Keyword Tool 2011 | Part (2 of 2)     If you have any questions about keyword research, just leave your questions in the comments section below.  

How to post a video response in Youtube

Posting a response in Youtube has never been simpler or more confusing. The trick is simply that you will not see a video response option until you click reply. Once have clicked reply, Youtube will then give you the option to upload a video response.

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Google Webmaster Tools “Preferred Domain” Bug

The Google Webmaster Tools has a bug in it that will not allow you to set your "Preferred domain". The error goes like this: Part of the process of setting a preferred domain is to verify that you own http://www.yourdomain.com/. Please verify http://www.yourdomain.com/. The purpose of this tool is to set your canonical domain. For example [...]

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