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I started out as a black hat affiliate in 1999. Since 2006 I have gone all white hat. My core competencies are Search Engine Optimization/Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising and Google Analytics.

Where is the Tiny Planets feature in Lollipop 5.0 and 5.01?

Tiny Planets is a fascinating app that allows you to take a Photo Sphere images  and turn  them into a Tiny Planets. You take a Photo Sphere like this: Then turn it into a Tiny Planets like this: I assure you this option is still available in Lollipop, even if you are convinced its not. [...]

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Google Analytics Busiest Day / Hour | How To Calculate

Finding the busiest day or busiest hour in Google Analytics is a 60 second job. This used to be a pre-made report, but Google Analytics now has you make this report yourself. Lets us get started... For those that do not want to learn how to make these reports I have included two links. Simply [...]

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How to add Google Analytics for WordPress

Adding Google Analytics to Wordpress can be done by using a plugin or by modifying the code of your template. Adding Google Analytics By Modifying Wordpress Template Code If you are concerned about the speed of your Wordpress site then this is the best method. 1) Login to you wordpress panel. (example.com/wp-admin) 2) Click the [...]

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Conversion Rate Optimization | Test For Success

Internet Marketing can be broken down into three core functions: Traffic – getting eye balls on your website Conversions – getting visitors to take a desired action Branding – creating a positive relationship with your customers and in turn increasing each customer’s lifetime value Online business owners will rightly spend sizeable resources on traffic acquisition [...]

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