Google Analytics Busiest Day / Hour | How To Calculate

Finding the busiest day or busiest hour in Google Analytics is a 60 second job. This used to be a pre-made report, but Google Analytics now has you make this report yourself. Lets us get started... For those that do not want to learn how to make these reports I have included two links. Simply [...]

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Google Two Factor Authentication | You Need it

Why you need to use two factor authentication? Google has had two factor authentication since September 2010 and yet I see few people using it. I feel compelled to share or remind people of this super happy awesome feature. Normally when you logon into Google Services or Gmail you are prompted with a password to [...]

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Google Authorship Markup | Rich Snippet

Google has given authors the chance to markup their content. The idea is to display the author information in the search results, this in turn helps people discover worthy content. This will also help content creators get credit for creating the content in the first place. It can also help people find all the content [...]

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