Tiny Planets is a fascinating app that allows you to take a Photo Sphere images  and turn  them into a Tiny Planets.

You take a Photo Sphere like this:

Then turn it into a Tiny Planets like this:

I assure you this option is still available in Lollipop, even if you are convinced its not.

Just follow the steps

1) Get the Google Camera app from the Google play store.

2) Now that you have the app installed, open it up.

3) With the Google Camera app open the PhotoSphere  by dragging a finger from the left side of the screen to right.

4) Now the app tells you where to aim and shoot next the next frame. The most important part is to shoot a full 360 degrees and to ensure the last frame taken finishes on top of the first frame taken. This is the only step preventing you from being able to access to Tiny Planets option.

5) Once you have complete step 4 the app will merge all the images together.

6) To access the image slide your fingers from the right to the left.

7) Now click the pencil icon and you will see the Tiny Planets option.

If you do not see this option you did not make the last image finish on the first image taken.

That is it you are now making Tiny Planets.